Who was it that said…?

“Speak to a man and his ears will listen. Laugh with a man and his heart will listen.”

Rings so true, doesn’t it?  Yeah, it’s good.  What can I say?  I like to make up proverbs.  I speak them slowly and deliberately, and in this case, clenching my chest at the word, “heart.”

This proverb came to life after watching the marketing campaign, “EatFreely.org.”  In the videos, young people speak of societal harassment when they try to eat their food on the run.  Soft piano music plays in the background.  I particularly liked, “Deep Dish,” the one posted here, that includes the line, “I can’t imagine life at a table.”

Don’t let me mislead you:  This is marketing for Hot Pockets, the disastrous processed food that goes from frozen to “boiling lava hot” (Jim Gaffigan’s words) in 60 seconds.  They are made by Nestle, the world’s largest food company.  I’m not dancing with the enemy here; the band isn’t even in the building.  But the biggest crime has always been taking ourselves too seriously, regardless of the message.  So, let’s look at the Nestle silliness.

In their mock food movement, the actors speak in revolutionary language and repeatedly advocate for “freedom.”  They portray the people who want to sit down and eat as old and crotchety.  In one clip, an elderly mob tries to chase down a proponent of Eating Freely, but they are too sluggish with their oxygen tanks.  There’s ample evidence to the contrary in the real food movement, but it makes for slapstick.  The campaign website even ends with dot org, as if it were a foundation with a noble cause.

To explain my regard for this campaign, all I can say is, “Play oft accomplishes more than toil.”  Now that’s two proverbs for today.