Right now, in the window of the Whole Foods Market in Union Square, there’s a giant man holding a green bag.  He’s got standards and he’s having them for dinner.

Now I appreciate a good standard — and have a few of my own — but what if someone can not afford the high standard prices of Whole Foods?  Shouldn’t everyone be allowed the standard of pesticide-free food?  Or the pure nourishment of food, rather than the filler calories of food science?  High fructose corn syrup may make a food cheap, but it doesn’t make a body healthy.

On Saturday, December 12th, these issues and others will be addressed at the “NYC Food and Climate Summit,” hosted by New York University, Just Food, and the President of the Borough of Manhattan.  Clean food is a right for all, and more and more, it’s an imperative for our planet.  So, how will we get there?  I’m excited for this day-long event because the organizers have lined up both practical topics, i.e., “talking to reporters about meat practices” and public policy issues such as, “The Food Collar Economy.”  I’d love to know if you plan to attend – what do you think?

Note: The WTF sticker is not part of official Whole Foods marketing