One of the great emerging stories in American food is the comeback of the school lunch.  We’re waking up to the idea that our just-add-water starches aren’t working and we need to serve “real food” once again.  Earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama rolled out her Chefs Move to Schools Campaign, a visionary plan for our best culinary talent to work with school kitchens.  It’s part of her broader Let’s Move! effort that has the goal of “solving the problem of childhood obesity within a generation.”  (Read: THIS generation.)  It’s an incredible news story; you’ll find full details here through the blog, ObamaFoodORama.

Yet there are stories told by reporters — and then there are sparks of fire ignited by friends.  Soon after the event, my friend Cathy Conway of Avalon Catering in Atlanta, GA, was tagged in these photos from Mary Moore of The Cook’s Warehouse.  How inspiring to see someone I have long admired — and cooked with in her kitchen years ago! — in the middle of it all.  In response to the photos, Cathy wrote:

“…Ready to dive deeper in my commitment to Grady High School [in Atlanta]…I feel like I can influence these young adults. Teach them: the pleasure of sharing at the table; the taste of a vegetable from the garden and quickly prepared in the pan; the importance of local; the power of voting with food dollars; the influence in their choices…”.

How wonderful to see this local movement happening — a local movement that is happening everywhere.  Congratulations, chefs!  Can’t wait to hear more.

Sea of Green and White

Mary Moore, Cathy Conway and Barbara Petit in the White House Garden

The First Lady with White House Chef Sam Kass