Remember earlier this spring when we talked about the leaf-a-licious pouches in Union Square, an exhibit brought to us by Woolly Pockets?

I’m happy to say they are growing.  These photographs were taken this week in SoHo.  I love unexpected moments like this in the city.  Let’s consider this a postcard from NYC to everyone — here and around the country and world — who is building a more sustainable food system for all of us.  You have my kinship.

The plants on this urban corner, surprising many, yet steadfast in their purpose, remind me of efforts big and small taken by people who care.  Simply stated, “small things become big things.”  Our influence is growing, too.  As the summertime begins to yield its best, here’s a toast to you!

Happy July 4th, everyone.  May we take this time to smell the roses and photograph the greens.

Sprouting Up Everywhere - NYC Goes Green

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